Thursday, April 28, 2011

never forget moments like these.

The heat of summer burning my skin while fishing with my dad.

The smell of pecan pie coming from my mother's oven at Christmas.

The truth behind the peace you will find with God, in His time...not your own.

The belly laugh coming from a ticklish toddler who has so much love in her eyes for you.

The mixed scent of chewing tobacco and manual labor from my grandpa.

Olive green kitchen appliances at my Mawmaw's, with a couch so comfortable I could sleep for days.

My uncle Tim's steady helping hand, a ride to the beach together revealing much more about him as a person.

Feeling safe, feeling loved.

Sweat dripping from my brow, running down my face while listening to a concerts in a 90 degree North Carolina summer.

Sitting on my mom and dads from porch talking to friends, sharing laughter, sharing pain.

Hardships, they let you see how far you've come.

My birthday with my old high school friends, feeling included, so young.

Beholding beauty in my newborn baby. How beautifully God crafted her in me...

Holding hands and feeling my heart beat faster for the first time.

Feeling conviction in my heart during church services or through God's word, breaking down in tears.

Catching a big fish. I mean, a very, very big fish with my Mom and Uncle and Sister.

My sister waking me up first thing in the morning to take me to breakfast. It meant so much more than she knew.

Freedom, a heart free of pain and sadness and regret. God makes no mistakes.

Eating tomatoes off the vine with my Dad...

rest in these memories in troubled times for they will see you through to happier times...

Friday, April 1, 2011

On tea kettles and trust...

The thing is not only do I own a tea kettle, but I also really love hot tea. Now, please don't confuse my love for hot tea with a dislike of sweet tea, but as we all know you cannot be from the South and dislike sweet tea. Its in a rulebook written somewhere.
Really, it is.
Despite my love for hot tea, I haven't had it in years. Yes, even though I own a kettle. I've decided there's a couple reasons for this.
1.) It requires patience for the water to be hot enough...
2.) Its a hot drink and I really enjoy instant gratification thirst-wise.

My patience hasn't ever been my strongest characteristic. Is it your's? If so, nice to meet you; you're my new hero. If not, welcome to the club.

I usually want things right now and despite really wanting some hot tea, I have figured out that I haven't had any in about two years now. Two years. Thats a long time to go without something that you actually enjoy. There's just something about the smell of hot tea, so calming.
I think I also relate hot tea with time to relax, which I haven't had much of that in the past two years.

Life has sort of flew off the handle in the past few years. Its feels like I'm sort of stuck in a story that I'd gossip about back in high school..
that poor girl, she should've known, I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully it gets better for her...

But the thing is, its not promised to get better right now, is it? God delights in seeing us through these troubled times, these storms. That's when the attention and need for Him is the greatest.
I've recently discovered that trusting Him daily is a choice.
Isn't that a simple statement? So simple, yet so very true. I've recently went through some hard times, well lots of hard times. And there were times I would cry, I would ask God why these things have happened...

Its like with the tea, I really loved God but I didn't want to wait for His answers...I'd rather just make my own. And He would whisper ever so gently in my ear, "Wait, child."
Thats really hard to hear though time and time again.
I'm human, and we all want it...this instant gratification that the world has afflicted us by needing. This world has made us think that we need our situations date stamped with expiration dates, but honestly there is no date stamp with God. We have been given a promise that 'all things work for the good of those who love God." and it is a daily choice to trust His promise, to trust His love for us. 

Things will work for the good of His children for the glory of our gracious Heavenly Father.
 And I have truly experienced this in the past week.
I feel like God has taken my hand and lead me through some very hot waters...and right now, its time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea...

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